My Family

Our family is neither big nor small. It consists of my father, my mother, my brother, and me. My father, a tall man with dark short hair, is 40 years old. He works as a manager at the firm. He likes his work and spends a lot of time there. My mother, a tall and thin woman with big blue eyes and fair hair, is younger than my father, she is 38. My mother is a teacher at the secondary school. She teaches her students foreign languages: German and English. She also spends much time at school, but she finds time to cook, sew, knit, and even to help my broth­er and me with our homework. My brother is only 10, and he is a schoolboy.

I am 16. I am a student of the college. My college is far from our house, and it takes me half an hour toget there by bus. We are studying different subjects there, but my favourite ones are History and English. As to myappearance, I am slim and slender. My hair is fair, my eyes are blue. I look like my mother. I like to dress in a modern style. Music is my hobby. I am fond of dancing at the disco. I like to read books too. Twice a week I go to the swimming pool.

We live in a three-room flat in a new block of houses. There is a nice green park near our house, where we spend a lot of our free time. There are many different shops not far from our house. My brother and I often go shopping.

Our family is nice, and everybody is easy to get along with. We take care of each other. We spend much time together. Recently, we have bought a car, and now we often go down to the country to have a rest on weekends. In the evening, all members of our family watch TV or discuss everyday problems. Sometimes we go to the theatre or to the concert.

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