Задание 1. Замените выделенные слова личными место­имениями

1The teacher helped the students to translate the text.

2. Mother asked Ann to wash the plates. 3. My friend will write
a letter to his sister. 4. Peter took two books from the boy. 5. His
parents will give presents to my children: my son and my
daughter. 6. Mary is going to leave for Moscow with her friends.

7. Our grandmother and grandfather will come to our place on
Christmas. 8. Does your friend work in this shop? 9. His cousins
live abroad. 10. My aunt saw her brother and her sister.

Задание 2. Замените слова, стоящие в притяжательной падеже, соответствующими притяжательны­ми местоимениями

1.Look at my friends' photo. 2. It is Helen' book.

3. This boy is Mike and Mary' son. 4. The artist's studio is
very large. 5. These are my grandmother's books. 6. Kate's
parents are teachers by profession. 7. Today is my brother's
birthday. 8. His sister's name is Susan. 9. This is my and my
friend's desk. 10. Do you like my parents' house?

Задание З. Заполните пропуски соответствующими личны­ми или притяжательными местоимениями.А.

1. Ihave a brother.2.... name is Peter. 3... is an engineer by profession. 3...brother is 27. 4. ... is married and has...own family. 5. ...is not very large. 6. ...are four. 7. ...wife is 25.

8. ... name is Olga. 9. ...is a doctor. 10. ...have 2 children.
11. ...children are little. 12. I like ... very much and ... like ...
too. 13. ... say that ... am the best uncle in the world.


1. ... am Mike. 2. ... have a sister. 3. ... is a schoolgirl. 4. ...name is Helen. 5. ...are twins. 6. ...have parents. 7. ...parents are not old. 8. ... are teachers by profession. 9. ... are very fond of... . 10. ... family is very friendly. 11. ...live in a three room flat. 12. ...is in the center of the city. 13. ...rather comfortable. 14. ... rooms are large and light.


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